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Being an obese girl, I don't have any confidence either in public or in school. Therefore, I'm eager to have a try after knowing that my friends lost about 22lbs in a month with this product zi xiu tang bee pollen pills. To make sure it's suitable for me, she gave me some to try. I feel good with it, so I placed the order directly on the official website. It turned out great as I have lost about 15lbs already.

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News; Reasons of Overweight and Obesity in Summer

Published: Sunday 31 August, 2014

Though Zi Xiu Tang works great for most people, some users often ask us how to get better and faster effect. Actually besides taking natural zxt bee pollen , you still need to abandon the following bad habits that may lead to overweight and obesity.

1. Too much soft drink

In fact, soft drinks and fruit juice are actually full of sugar. Drinking a small amount may help relieve your fatigue, but too much will make you obese. Here the drink we want to recommend for summer is mint tea. It is not only cool but also good for treating constipation.

2. Take fruits as staple food

For the purpose of weight loss, many office workers often replace the staple food with fruits. However, experts advise that fruits can't be taken as staple food. Though fruits contain various vitamins and sugars, they lack the necessary protein and elements that the body needs. The nutritional imbalance is more likely to cause fat accumulation.

3. Watching TV while eating

The doctor of the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control) suggested that the best way to avoid overeating is to turn off the TV when we eat, especially for families with children. That's because when watching TV, our appetite will rise and we may eat a lot of junk food unconsciously.

4. Cold desserts

Summer is definitely the best season to enjoy cold desserts. Nearly everybody is crazy for it. Have you ever cast your greedy eyes on ice cream in childhood? Even now, I guess you will drool by simply thinking of the Cold Stone, Magnum, Hedy, Haagen-Dazs ... ... If you really can't control the desire for ice cream, then you can choose the low-calorie ones, or eat only once a week together with Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen diet pills .


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